Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cookies for Thanksgiving - Gobble, Gobble!

So I did a few trays of these for some friends for Thanksgiving. Wow are they super quick and super easy, but also super cute. Used the idea from the Bearfoot Baker to make the turkey heads using mini acorn cutters. Then I saw these online and although it isn't the same cutter at all, it certainly reminded me of using my candy corn cutter, so I used the candy corn cutter for the wings/feathers.

Turkey Platter Cookies

Turkey Platter Cookies
Turkey Platter Cookies Undecorated

Just Something a Little Bird Told Me

So I am sitting here the morning before Thanksgiving with tons to do to get ready for the big day, so what would make more sense than sitting here procrastinating by catching up on some posts of cookies I've done since the long ago October 4th post. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, doesn't it. ;) 

Anyway, I did these about a month ago for my cousin's daughter's baby shower. She originally wanted 4 dozen and I was up for it. We planned that she would pick them up when she was in Birmingham on Thursday of that week and I'd planned my baking and decorating accordingly. She lives in Atlanta, so just zipping over for cookies isn't really an option if she wasn't going to be in the area. Then she called me about noon on Tuesday and said her appointment had been changed to Wednesday and could I have them for her then. My response? Uhmmm, no! I'd not even started them yet. I explained that to her and she said she guessed she would have to cancel then. I felt bad and was kind of excited about doing these because I'd come up with all alternative uses of cutters for these, so about an hour later I sent her a text and asked if she'd be okay with just two dozen, because I knew I could have that many ready in time for her and that way she'd still have some. She liked that idea, as did I.

Bird cookies
Now for the alternate cutter usage: For the larger birds, I used a Valentine's Day heart with an arrow through it and trimmed off the pointy part of the heart. For the smaller bird in the middle, I used the snail cutter from an animal set from IKEA. There's also one tucked in there that is just kind of silly looking, but I used a football cutter for it. For the bird cage, I used my large tombstone cutter and trimmed a good portion of the length off of it. And for the birdhouse, I used the little church cutter that I have and trimmed off the steeple. Obviously, I didn't trim the scalloped squares, but was thrilled with how my semi-freehanded little birds came out. I actually found an image online that I liked, printed it and halfway traced it on to the cookie with a food color marker. I think these turned out really cute and I love that I didn't do what I always do, which is run out and buy yet another cookie cutter to make them.