Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Leg to Stand On? Flamingo Cookies

So I have this long-standing joke with my friend's mom. Back during August of the year we were awaiting our bar exam results, I went down to their hometown to visit and work in my friend's brother-in-law's office for a week.My friend's daughter and her hubby were living in her house at that time, so she was staying at her parents' house temporarily. So my accommodations for the week were out in their RV - so cool!

My friends 's mom has the most beautiful and immaculate yard. So much so that some local garden club, of which she wasn't even a member, had bestowed their "Yard of the Month" designation upon her yard, complete with their honorary yard sign. As I got to know her throughout the week, my wheels started turning. The day that I left, I ran to the party store and bought pink flamingos and put them flanking the garden club sign in her front yard, just after I left. They made it there for the next few hours, but she did discover them before night fell. Ever since, if I know I will be seeing her or my friend, I pick up some sort of little flamingo something to give/send to her. She recently sent word through my friend's sister that she far preferred cookies to flamingos, so of course, my wheels once again started turning. Here's what she got in the mail this week! 

They are more sort of coral than pink.  That's because I didn't want to waste icing I'd used on another project, which was orange-ish yellow, thus when I added the pink, it looked like this.  I decided I could live with it.  These cookies are sooooooo fragile.  My dough was a bit temperamental when cutting them, so I had to reattach the legs on almost every one of them before baking.  I feel certain that they arrived in the mail with the neck on every single one of them broken.  I broke a couple just putting them in cello bags and heat sealing them.  There was no way to wrap the sealed packs because they were so fragile, so I had to just place them individually into a box filled with packing peanuts.  Nothing has been said about their condition upon arrival, but my assumption is that my friends and their mom are just too polite to say anything.

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