Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cookies for Thanksgiving - Gobble, Gobble!

So I did a few trays of these for some friends for Thanksgiving. Wow are they super quick and super easy, but also super cute. Used the idea from the Bearfoot Baker to make the turkey heads using mini acorn cutters. Then I saw these online and although it isn't the same cutter at all, it certainly reminded me of using my candy corn cutter, so I used the candy corn cutter for the wings/feathers.

Turkey Platter Cookies

Turkey Platter Cookies
Turkey Platter Cookies Undecorated

Just Something a Little Bird Told Me

So I am sitting here the morning before Thanksgiving with tons to do to get ready for the big day, so what would make more sense than sitting here procrastinating by catching up on some posts of cookies I've done since the long ago October 4th post. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, doesn't it. ;) 

Anyway, I did these about a month ago for my cousin's daughter's baby shower. She originally wanted 4 dozen and I was up for it. We planned that she would pick them up when she was in Birmingham on Thursday of that week and I'd planned my baking and decorating accordingly. She lives in Atlanta, so just zipping over for cookies isn't really an option if she wasn't going to be in the area. Then she called me about noon on Tuesday and said her appointment had been changed to Wednesday and could I have them for her then. My response? Uhmmm, no! I'd not even started them yet. I explained that to her and she said she guessed she would have to cancel then. I felt bad and was kind of excited about doing these because I'd come up with all alternative uses of cutters for these, so about an hour later I sent her a text and asked if she'd be okay with just two dozen, because I knew I could have that many ready in time for her and that way she'd still have some. She liked that idea, as did I.

Bird cookies
Now for the alternate cutter usage: For the larger birds, I used a Valentine's Day heart with an arrow through it and trimmed off the pointy part of the heart. For the smaller bird in the middle, I used the snail cutter from an animal set from IKEA. There's also one tucked in there that is just kind of silly looking, but I used a football cutter for it. For the bird cage, I used my large tombstone cutter and trimmed a good portion of the length off of it. And for the birdhouse, I used the little church cutter that I have and trimmed off the steeple. Obviously, I didn't trim the scalloped squares, but was thrilled with how my semi-freehanded little birds came out. I actually found an image online that I liked, printed it and halfway traced it on to the cookie with a food color marker. I think these turned out really cute and I love that I didn't do what I always do, which is run out and buy yet another cookie cutter to make them.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gender Reveal Cookies

These were so cute, but it was cloudy and rainy the when I was trying to get pics, so all of the pics were horrible! So I did this visually deceptive collage to make up for it. The theme was "Beau or Bow?" using mustaches and bows. I totally stink at drawing mustaches, btw. And I am still scared of piping lettering on small cookies, thus the writing you see on these is done with a food color marker.

Gender Reveal Cookies, Beau or Bow Cookies

Pumpkin Patch Cookies, Tractor Cookies and Frozen Cookies

Had two separate birthday parties going on this weekend, so I did 4 dozen cookies for the two parties. One was a pumpkin patch party and the other was Frozen themed.

Tractor Cookies, Pumpkin Cookies, Frozen Cookies, Snowflake Cookies

I was a bit scared of the Olaf cookies because I had no frame of reference for them. I looked at various pictures and immediately thought of my carrot cookie cutter. I printed one of the images of him, cut it out and laid it on the carrot and it was perfect! I did trim the leafy portion of the carrot. Then I just did the "wing it" thing and did his face freehand while looking at a pic of him online. Could they have been better? Absolutely, but I am still okay with them.

Taco Cookies

Did these for a friend's son's birthday.

Taco Cookies

Taco Cookies
Used a carrot cutter for those peppers and was too lazy to thin the red icing for them, so you'll notice their icky texture. Not nuts about the margaritas.

Pink Ribbon Cookies

A friend's workplace had a pink ribbon bake sale. The company manufactures sewing machines, so I did stitching around the edges of the pink ribbons, and did some buttons and sewing machines as well.

Pink Ribbon Cookies, Sewing Machine Cookies

Roll Tide and DZ Cookies

Haven't posted in a while, so I am going to do several back-to-back posts to catch up. Here are some Roll Tide Cookies and Big Al Cookies I did for the opening game this year. I also did some of the Big Al ones for my niece's birthday and some for a friend's mom. I did another set for a friend's niece who just pledged Delta Zeta in her first year at UA.

Big Al Cookies

Alabama Cookies

Big Al Cookies

Delta Zeta Cookies, University of Alabama Cookies

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to School and Shark Week

So my niece, Elisabeth, started her first teaching job this week and is teaching in the system from which I graduated, along with tons of people with whom I went to elementary, middle and high school. She's teaching 6th Grade Language Arts. Since so many of my friends work with her in the school, I decided to make a ton of back to school cookies for her to take with her on one of the teacher work days before school started, to share with her new co-workers. I forgot to get a pic before wrapping them in plastic, but she was kind enough to snap a couple of pics for me before they were all eaten.

Back to school cookies, Crayon Cookies, Notebook Paper Cookies, Ruler Cookies, Chalkboard Cookies

Back to school cookies, Pencil cookies, Apple cookies

I love how the crayons came out. I own a gazillion cookie cutters, as do most cookie freaks like me, however it always seems that I don't have the one that I need when I have something I want to do. I have finally become much better at trying to use what I have to make things instead of buying yet another cutter. For the crayons, I used a lipstick cutter that I had and trimmed it a bit on the tip and sides. Worked like a charm. For the large pencils, I used a little triangle Christmas tree cutter that Wilton had in the Christmas bins at Wal-Mart in 2013, the Wilton tombstone cutter and the end of a large Christmas bulb cutter for the erasers. For the small ones, I think I used the lipstick cutter again. I did the chalkboards using a small plaque cutter that was in a set I picked up at Target earlier this year. I don't like hand cutting at all, so for the simple rectangles for notebook paper, I once again employed the tombstone and then trimmed the header and footer off of it. And for the rulers I used a large number one cutter and trimmed the flag off the top of the number. The stars, ABCs and 123s were last minute fillers, which I knocked out super fast one morning before leaving for work.

One of her new co-workers who teaches the same grade and subject matter with her is one of my cookie fans, who gets me to do some for her from time to time (perhaps you recall these golf ones?). Elisabeth mentioned to her that I was doing the back to school cookies, so she sent me a message, noting that she knew it was last minute, asking if I could do some for her son because he loves those cookies so much. She left it completely up to me as to what I would do with them - she said she was even fine with basic shapes with random icing colors on them. Then it hit me that it was shark week and I knew that was the perfect theme to go with. I used the Sugarbelle shark tutorials and this idea for the surfboards, since I didn't have a surfboard cutter. And this idea for the shark bites out of them using the Ikea porcupine cutter. I made the swim trunks using the large teddy bear cutter in the 101 Wilton set and trimmed it to what I needed.

Shark Week Cookies

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cheerful Heart Cookies, Airplanes and Nautical Cookies

So my July has been pretty light in terms of cookies. I've just done a handful of sets. I did this first set that I call Cheerful Hearts for a friend just after a mastectomy but before her chemo started. She's been keeping a blog and often references Proverbs 17:22, which in one of the translations reads in part, "A cheerful heart is good medicine..." The second time I came upon that reference in reading her blog, I knew it had to be cookied! Granted these are very simple and I put did them pretty hurriedly to be able to get them in the mail, but I think they definitely fit the bill as being cheerful hearts. I do hope they were good medicine!

Cheerful Heart Cookies

I also did some colored softballs for a little girl's birthday party, but didn't get a pic of those.

Then I moved on to some nautical cookies for a baby shower. The colors were navy, khaki and white. I did anchors, lighthouses, life preservers and sailboats. Another friend's little boy was having his 7th birthday party that same weekend, so I did some airplanes for him in the same colors with the remaining icing.

Airplane Cookies, Nautical Cookies, Anchor Cookies

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tie Dye, Teddy Bears, Birthdays and Anniversaries

I haven't really done a lot this month, but here are the few things I've done. My friends were having a 1st birthday party for their son/grandson. They call him Sawbear, so teddy bear cookies were a must. The grandmother made his party hat and I based my designs and color choices on that.

Teddy Bear Cookies, 1st Birthday Cookies, Party Hat Cookies

My long time friend, Anna, had her birthday on the 11th of this month, but was at Disney, so I waited a week later and took her these to surprise her for her special day. She'd said she wanted peace signs, moons and suns, but I knew much better what I wanted to do for her. Turns out I was right. They were beyond anything she'd even thought about and she loved them.

Tie-dye cookies, Groovy Cookies

I also did a few #3's for my great nephew's 3rd birthday party as cookie favors for his party guests. Truly, the date slipped up on me and I threw this together at the last minute. I'd really wanted to do some much more special for the big day. :(

3rd Birthday Cookie Favors

Then I did some birthday and anniversary cookies at the request of my friend Amy. Her husband's birthday falls on the same day as their anniversary. She said that he always asks her favorite thing about his birthday and her answer is that she gets a gift, too! :) I had no idea what to do on the anniversary ones, so I stalked her facebook photos and found two shots from their wedding day. Her flowers were yellow calla lilies, so I opted to do the hearts in yellow, although the color they dried was a little more orange than I would have liked.

Anniversary Cookies, Champagne Cookies
Champagne cookies
Birthday cupcake cookies, Birthday Candle cookies
The birthday boy with his cupcake cookie and B-on-a-Stick, the baker!
Oh yeah, I'd done these last month for my friend Alison's mom's birthday. We loved how perfectly the ribbon and the cookies matched - the ribbon was bought completely separately from me doing the cookies. I also LOVE the giant cello bag covering the entire tray - that was Alison's idea - and I may have to use it more often!

Birthday cupcake cookies

Friday, June 6, 2014

Cupcake Cookies (HaliHannigan's Style)

So on Monday of this week I received a late, late birthday gift from my sister and her husband and decided I would make some cookies for them as a thank you. They have a cupcake shop in Jackson, TN called HaliHannigan's Cupcakery , so doing cupcake cookies was an easy choice. I thought about trying to mimic some of her cupcake creations, but truthfully I was just way too lazy to mix that many colors of icing. Then the idea came to me to make HaliHannigan's Themed cupcakes. When creating her business, she went to great lengths to make it unique and inviting. I think they had to have the floor painted several times to get it just right. The colors used are a shade of hot pink, olive green and a black & white harlequin pattern, so I let that be my jumping off point. 

HaliHannigan's Cupcakery, Jackson, TN

I totally lucked out that the pink turned out to be the perfect shade of pink to match her shop, because I was at the very end of my small container of Americolor soft pink (which to me is anything but soft) and I only had a tiny little pink left in the little Wilton tub I had. I got every last bit of each that I was able to get from the containers and it was PERFECT! Then that olive green. Oh my, it was looking really bad at one point - very pooish. I used Americolor Lemon Yellow, Wilton Kelly green, Americolor Warm Brown and Americolor Ivory. At first I did just the yellow, green and ivory, but it still needed something. That's when I added the warm brown and that's when it looked like poo!! So I added a little more green and a touch of ivory and it came out pretty well. I only did the harlequin pattern with icing once, because I'd mixed my black very thickly for a ninja project I was working on and was (see the lazy note above) not going to mix another batch of black. So even though I did it as wet on wet, it still ended up with a texture to it because the black icing was so thick. The remaining ones I did using the harlequin pattern were done using my trusty black food color marker. Worked like a charm.

HaliHannigan's Themed Cupcake Cookies

 NOTE: I have noticed something in my writing in the last few days that is sort of freaking me out - I am leaving out articles and am not noticing it. So, PLEASE point out if you notice one of those omissions and know that I do not speak like a caveman! (Me B. I speak like caveman!)

Here's a collage shot of the shop and the cupcakes together:

So did you notice that I mentioned that I was working on some ninja cookies? A long time friend asked me on Sunday if I could do a dozen ninjas for her friend's birthday on Tuesday. I usually prefer more time in advance in terms of notice, but agreed to do them for her. She just said ninja and let me go with it. I knew I could do easy faces with a round cutter, but that seemed pretty boring. Then using the gingerbread man cutter came to me and I did a google search and a pinterest search and saw that I was not the only one with that idea. My friend wanted black, but I strongly recommended against that since the birthday party was a lunchtime at their office and they would be seeing patients immediately thereafter, so the black teeth thing would definitely come into play! I told her that I thought pink ones would be cute and she agreed.

Pink Ninja Cookies

Recognize that pink? Yep, I did them on the same night and since I was so limited in the pink coloring I had on hand, I mixed enough for both sets and crossed my fingers. Since I had other colors I was going to use on the cupcakes, I did these first since they needed to be all pink. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Over the weekend I'd done some graduation cookies that were a total disaster. The school colors are purple and gold. I was worried about getting the gold just right and finally liked it... then it dried. I didn't see it at night, but really wonder if it glowed! I think I'll rename it to Rudolph Gold. And I don't know what happened with the purple. I looked up the Sugarbelle Color Chart and liked what she called her favorite purple. I went to get color because all I knew of that I had on hand was some Regal Purple. I made a special trip to Hobby Lobby to get the Electric purple. Got home and had 2 Regal Purples, for a total of three identical bottles, but no Electric purple. That's what I get for not checking and just trusting the display. I was bugged, but not enough to go back and switch it out. I don't like the Regal Purple alone because it seems to photograph very blue for me, although in person it is clearly a shade of purple. I looked and found that I had some Wilton Violet, so I just added some of that in with the Regal Purple and the color came out quite well. However, I don't know what happened with the drying. After an entire night of drying, the gold ones were completely dry, but those purple ones weren't fully dry and looked like they were dry on the edges, but wet toward the center. I had to get them dry so I did the quick dry method and put them in for about 25 minutes. When they came out, they were dry, but they looked terrible! The outside of them is noticeably darker than the rest of them. No idea what the problem was. The cookies were a little greasier than normal because I may or may not have been precise with my measuring, so maybe it was oil that seeped into them? But I can't figure why it only did it on the purple ones. At least it was somewhat of a uniform discoloration! Kelly loved them, as did the graduate, Anna, but I was totally cringing at how hideous they looked! (I am including a pic, but I am not going to caption it, tag it or appropriately name it because I don't want them showing up on a search engine!  LOL)

Oh, and once again, the lazy bug was visiting me, so I just did the outlines on the diplomas with the purple. One thing I did like about the diplomas, though, is that I have always hated the way my bows looked because that cutter has both the top of the bow and the tails of the bow, so to me it looked odd whenever I did them. So when I was cutting them out, I simply cut off the tails and liked it much better.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Graduation 2014 Cookies

So I only did one set of graduation cookies this year. Just didn't really know that many people with kids graduating this year. My sister in law is an excellent artist and did the decorations for her friend's daughter's graduation. She never told me what she was doing for the decorations and just told me to do whatever I thought would be cute for the cookies. It is amazing how closely they mirror the party decorations. Don't think I could have gotten them any closer had I known what the decorations would be!

Graduation Cookies

Graduation Cookies
Graduation Party Decorations

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cookies and Cupcakes from Mother's Day

So I was pretty well burned out after the gigantic cupcake order and didn't really get into doing a lot of cookies for Mother's Day. I had agreed to do a small bouquet for my friend's mom and just held out some of the dough from when I did the beach cookies to do them. And while I was doing those, I cut out a ton of mini flowers to use as decoration on the cupcakes I decided to do for Mother's Day for my mom, grandmother and mother-in-law, because those are so much faster to knock out. Here is a really bad pic of the bouquet my friend and I put together for her mom:

Mother's Day Flower Bouquet
For the cupcakes, I did red velvet with cream cheese frosting and butter yellow with peanut butter buttercream. I used this recipe from the Cake Mix Doctor for the red velvet ones. And for the cream cheese frosting, I ended up just sort of winging it after reading several recipes. I added extra powdered sugar to make it very stiff. This is what I ended up using:
              2 8oz. blocks of cream cheese
              2 sticks of butter (1 cup)
              1T vanilla
              2T milk
              6 cups powdered sugar

For the peanut butter I totally cheated and just used the Duncan Hines butter golden cake mix and then used the Wilton Peanut Butter Buttercream recipe, although I may have had a little extra peanut butter in there, just because I wasn't too precise in my measurements with it, since IMO, one can never have too much peanut butter! ;)  Again, I didn't get a good pic. This one is after they'd traveled over 100 miles and then picked out of the bunch by my cousin and taken to her house while sitting on a paper plate covered with a paper towel. The peanut butter one looks horrible. Oh yeah, I decorated the peanut butter ones with wedges from round chocolate cookies that I had the foresight to cut out while making the flower bouquets. I used an Ateco #828 open star tip for the peanut butter ones, which I'd just bought the day before. 

And do you recall me mentioning my niece who helped me with the Derby cupcakes? Well, she already loved to bake, but now, she's into decorating, too, after that day and the fun we had. I picked up an Ateco #809 and #829 for her and late last night, I got a notification that she'd tagged me in her facebook photo of her baking project from last night. She did 70 minis to take to surprise the 5th graders at Boaz Elementary school, who she'd done her student teaching with this semester (she graduated the day after we did our Derby cupcakes and is now looking for a teaching job). Makes my heart proud!

Elisabeth's cupcakes  

And here is her photo compilation of our cupcake making day at the donut shop and her quickly learned petal rose. Check out that ginormous donut!  Ha!

Cupcakes and Donuts with Elisabeth


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sand Dollars for the Beach House Salon

Did these for an event my friend Kelly was having at her salon today. And yes, these are a complete copy, including even how they are photographed, of these by Georgeann of Lila Loa. But when the idea is already perfect, why reinvent the wheel? Kelly loved them and used my suggestion of serving them on a bed of light brown sugar, although I think she may have bought dark brown sugar and tried to lighten it using powdered sugar, or at least that's what the pic appears to be. The first pic is mine and the second is hers from the event.

Beach cookies, Sand dollar cookies, Starfish cookies, Seashell cookies

Beach cookies, Sand dollar cookies, Starfish cookies, Seashell cookies


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mint Julep Cupcakes for a Derby Party

So yeah, cookies are my thing, but a friend asked me about doing some cupcakes for an event she and her husband were catering. I looked into what they wanted and consulted my personal cupcake master, my sister who owns HaliHannigan's Cupcakery in Jackson, TN, and told her that I could do them. Their clients wanted a total of 100 cupcakes, 50 of which were to be mint julep cupcakes and 50 were to have red icing petal roses on them, flavor up to me. I specify petal roses to point out that they weren't simple swirl roses. Might I also note that I had no idea how to make petal roses with icing when I agreed to this, but I'll get back to that later.

Initially, I was most worried about the mint julep cupcakes, because my ignorance had not yet realized the tedious nature of petal roses made from buttercream. So I spent a couple of weeks periodically thinking on how to do the mint julep cupcakes. Fortunately, I was bright enough to do a test run a little over a week before. The first batch, which used a recipe I based on one I found online, was a total flop!! It had far too much liquid in the cake recipe - it called for a cup of milk AND a cup of bourbon.  I knew it was too much liquid intuitively as I was making them, but I just pressed on - idiot! They were looking okay until I got them out of the oven. They then completely caved in the middle. I opened one up and there was a giant hole inside them! When I say caved, I mean CAVED all of the way down to the bottom of the cupcake. So I made some adjustments and tried again. They came out great. I then did a buttercream with a little mint and bourbon in it. I once again consulted the master and she gave me some options of how to finish them off. I did them several ways - some were injected with a butter and bourbon glaze before icing, some were brushed in straight bourbon then iced, others were brushed, iced and then drizzled with the glaze and then some were just cake and icing. 

I don't like mint, so I was not the person to test these. I lined up the boyfriend of my friend Alison. He likes mint juleps and he's a chef, so I knew he would take doing a taste test seriously. He preferred the ones that were brushed in straight bourbon, then iced and drizzled in the bourbon butter glaze. So that was good enough for me and the feedback I received from my friends after their event was that they were very good and were the talk of the party. They were garnished with green straws and mint leaves.

Mint Julep cupcakes and Red Petal Rose cupcakes for Derby party

Now back to those buttercream petal roses. Oh my. Once I realized they weren't just simple little swirl roses, I started worrying. I held back a few of the MJ cupcakes and icing to practice with the week before, but I ended up not liking the original MJ icing consistency for either set and it didn't come out quite the way I would like. I had never before made anything like this with buttercream icing, so I spent quite a while watching YouTube video tutorials before trying. I wasn't happy with my centers and I felt like the overall roses stood up too straight to the edges of the cupcakes. Granted, I only did about two before I decided to ditch that batch of icing. I didn't revisit until a week later, which was THE DAY BEFORE I was to do these! At that point, I found this YouTube video that really helped me with making lovely centers for my roses. English is not the first language of the person in the video, so if you can get beyond that, there really are some good technique pointers in there. I found the section at 6:56 most helpful and skipped around to some other parts, because it is a very long video at over 17 minutes. So after watching this video and doing two more test ones with my new buttercream recipe, I decided I was good to go.

I used a different icing recipe for the final cupcakes and just made the red icing much more stiff than the MJ icing. All was well and I was ready to go the next day. Because I am severely limited in kitchen space, I had arranged with my aunt to use kitchen space at her donut shop about 1.5 hours away. I packed the car with everything I would need, including the icing I'd made the night before and stored in the fridge. Thankfully my niece came over to help me that day because I simply could not have done this all without her. When we got there, we learned that the AC was out in the kitchen at the donut shop. I don't like being hot, but was okay with it until it started melting my buttercream for these petal roses, such that they were turning into giant red blobs. We compensated by working a little, chilling the icing a little, then working a little more and then chilling the icing a little more. It took forever. We really didn't think we'd ever get done, but we did! While I was stressing over them early on, I sent my friend a pic and told her I was totally stressing. Her reply was hysterical - "Do they taste good? If so, then you are just being Beth." Which meant, "Chill out, they are fine. Quit being your usual worry-wart self."

Mint Julep and Red Petal Rose Cupcakes for Derby party
I was also quite pleased with myself with a bit of what we'll call redneck ingenuity for making those petal roses. The concept of making them is the same as making roses for cakes on a rose nail and having the spinning factor is very helpful so that you aren't contorting your wrist. So I took a large rose nail that I had, no idea why I had it since I'd never before used it but I had it nonetheless, and a red solo cup trimmed to be just shorter than a cupcake, but with enough of a lip to keep the cupcake from falling off, and hot glued the two together. Sadly, during my trip to the donut shop to work on these, they came apart and my aunt didn't have a hot glue gun there, but I once again employed my redneck ingenuity and took that term to a whole new level. Yep, that's duct tape holding the two pieces together. Worked like a charm. So I give you The Redneck Cupcake Rose Nail:

Cupcake Rose Nail

I am going to go ahead and publish this because I am falling asleep, so I won't be checking for typos and errors tonight. So please know that I am not an idiot if there are things here that make no sense. I'll edit later.

Friday, May 2, 2014

House Cookies and Car Cookies

So it looks like grand opening celebrations are my thing! Since this one makes three. After sampling some of my cookies last week at Cheyenne's grand opening at The Wildflower Boutique, my friend Amy sent me a message saying she knew it was last minute but wondered if I could do some cookies for the grand opening for her little brother's business on Tuesday, April 29th. I told her I could likely do some, but asked what she might want. This was a really hard one to come up with an idea for because his business is an insurance agency. After doing a couple of Google Image searches, I came up with the idea of doing houses and cars. I had a small house cutter and a church cutter that I used and cut the steeple off of. I had the plastic Wilton car that comes in the 101 cutter pack, but didn't love it, so I ran to Sur la Table and got their small version of a VW bug. So I had four varieties and used a variation of about 5-6 colors - red, yellow, white, gray, blue and black. I did the details on the houses very quickly with a black food color marker. I have decided that my next cookie investment, yes, I know I am using that term loosely since it is only about $20.00, but nothing in my cookie arsenal is really over $5-7 dollars, so in that sense, $20.00 is an investment - but as I was saying, my next cookie investment is going to be a pack of assorted colors of food color markers. 

This is the only picture I have of them right now, as I am on a Facebook hiatus, so I haven't been able to pull them from Amy's page. I needed a break and had a ton going on this week (100 cupcakes tomorrow for a Kentucky Derby party- 50 mint julep and 50 rose topped chocolate), so I knew I would need to deactivate my account this week to keep myself from becoming distracted. Not really missing it, except for Lila Loa's "Cookies are My Kryptonite" List, where there are tons of gorgeous cookies done by people all over the world. Anyhow, here are the house and car cookies in the one pic I have for now. Will add more later.

Car Cookies and House Cookies

Here are a couple of more pictures. There's an old story with my face on a stick here with the person for whom I did these cookies, which is why B-on-a-Stick is in these pics.

Car Cookie with B-on-a-Stick#12

House Cookies and Car Cookies with B-on-a-Stick#12

Friday, April 25, 2014

Flowers from Colored Dough

A friend was having her grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony and wanted some cookies for the event. The place is called The Wildflower Boutique so they wanted some flowers. We'd talked about various things and she decided that she'd like colored dough with icing outlines. I checked out their logo and picked the colors from that. I wasn't thrilled with them, but she loved them, so I guess that's what matters! I used lots of centers I'd made over time with various leftover Royal Icing, which really speeds up the process since they are pre-made and completely dry already.  Here are the pics of the finished product and the process.

The Wildflower Boutique, Wildflower colored dough cookies

The Wildflower Boutique, My hands after mixing the purple into the cookie dough
The Wildflower Boutique, Finished cookies in their wrapping
The Wildflower Boutique, Colored Cookie Dough

The Wildflower Boutique, Owners Paige Trussell and Cheyenne Pye