Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gone Fishin' Cookies

An old friend asked me to do some fish cookies for her dad's 73rd birthday since he's a big bass fisherman. I've always adored him, so I went all out and did a whole fishing theme. Used this idea to give the fish some sparkle like scales would using Wilton pearl spray. I LOVED the mouths on these, so I tried a similar effect, although I was too lazy to thicken my icing. Although they are upside down in the pics she sent to me, I loved these old school life jackets and recreated them. Used a Christmas ornament to make the bob thing, and I hand cut the boats based on my horrible free hand drawing of these. I also hand cut the fishing rods and pretty well copied these done by the master, Sugarbelle.

Fishing Cookies

Bass Fishing cookies

 Gone Fishin' cookies

Fishing Cookies

Gone Fishin' cookies

Fishing themed cookies

Peter Pan Jr. Cast Party Cookies

I have two friends who had children in a local theater production of Peter Pan Jr and both separately asked me to do cookies for the cast party. I suggested that they coordinate, but they didn't know one another. I had already come up with what I planned to do for the three dozen that one had requested, which was a representation of some of the main characters from the play - a hook, Tinkerbelle wings, Peter Pan cap, Wendy's blue bow, John's glasses and Tiger Lily's feather. Because it was late in the ballgame when the second contacted me, I suggested that we just do more of the same but in a chocolate cookie instead, to keep me from having to mix up tons more icing colors, because I am lazy and hate mixing icing colors. But she wanted a representation of each of The Lost Boys. I am glad I went along with that idea, because they turned out so cute. This idea for the fox and skunk was a lifesaver and I even used it for the raccoons. 

Peter Pan Jr Cookies
The Lost Boys Cookies

Peter Pan Jr Cookies

Peter Pan Jr Cookies

The Lost Boys Cookies

iPhone Cookies, Xbox Cookies and Stinky Feet!

That's what 13 year old boys are made of! My friend Jill's son turned 13 in February and she wanted to do cookies instead of birthday cake, but didn't know what she wanted to do. I suggested iPhone and Xbox controllers and she was totally into it. Then I jokingly suggested stinky feet, because that's certainly one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of a 13 year old boy. She LOVED the idea, thought it was hilarious and sadly, perfect! So, here are Jack's 13th Birthday party cookies.

Iphone cookies

Xbox cookies and Stinky Feet cookies

University of Montevallo College Night Cookies for Team Gold and Team Purple

I have several friends who graduated from the University of Montevallo. One was her graduating class president, so she is very active in alumni events. Each year the college has a tradition during what I believe is homecoming weekend called college night where everyone chooses a side - purple or gold. As I understand it, it is usually the preppy, frat and sorority sorts who choose gold and the artsy independent sorts who choose purple. Stephanie asked if I could do some cookies to represent each side. She choose the gold mascot of a lion and the thumbs up sign for the golds and purple cows and a peace sign hand for the purples. The cows really sort of look a lot more like purple hippos to me, but she was happy with them, so we'll just go with that. I used a Wilton skull cutter turned upside down for the cows. Actually had a lion cutter. Used a bunny for the peace sign hands (thanks to Sugarbelle for the idea). I kept thinking that a turkey cutter, trimmed a bit, would work for the thumbs up, but when the time came, it totally didn't work. I ended up using a shell cutter and trimming out one of the grooves in it and part of the height to make it work. They still weren't great, but you could tell what they were.
University of Montevallo College Night Team Gold Cookies

University of Montevallo College Night Team Purple Cookies   
I believe Gold won this year.

Valentine Cookies 2015

Didn't do many Valentine Cookies this year and what I did was just sort of same old stuff. I did do one special request of a royal icing transfer devil on one.

Valentine Cookies

Valentine Devil Cookie

Monday, March 9, 2015

Roll Tide Birthday Cookies

Our sweet little nephew celebrated his 4th birthday on December 28th, but his party wasn't until mid to late January, since his actual birth date makes getting to his party difficult. His mom changed her mind a number of times as to what the theme would be. She finally settled on a Roll Tide theme. I did jerseys, footballs and Big Als.

Roll Tide Birthday, Roll Tide Cookies

Flower Cookies for A Memorial Service

The younger sister of a childhood and high school friend died in January after a five year battle with brain cancer. Since I would be unable to attend the memorial, I contacted a friend who lives near me, who I knew would be going and sent these flower cookies in my stead. It was my understanding that they were to serve desserts after the memorial, so I thought these would be perfect. Guessing they may have ended up in the trash, as they didn't make an appearance after the memorial and my old friend isn't much into sweets. She did express her appreciation, though. It is the thought that counts, though, right?

Flower Cookies, Memorial Service Cookies

Cheerful Heart Cookies (For a Memorial Service)

Our dear Uncle Emmett died on January 10th after battling cancer. :(  I wanted to do cookies for the after memorial gathering, but wasn't feeling flowers, since I'd just done some for another memorial just a week before (post to come soon) and they just didn't fit him. So I did a huge platter of cheerful hearts, as a tribute to a guy with a wonderful heart. So fitting.

Cheerful Heart Cookies, Memorial Service Cookies

Emmett Godfrey and B

A Tribute to Emmett Godfrey

Bee Cookies - Thanks a Buzzillion

So it has been a while since I posted here because I sort of let it get away from me and when I would think about it, it would seem like far too much trouble to get caught up. So I am going to make a series of quick posts tonight without a lot of explanation uh, rambling, about each set. Or at least that is the plan. We shall see how that goes. I apologize in advance if I omit words or mess up on punctuation, as I am on the back side of migraine aura and my head is never quite right for a day or so.

My husband is friendly with one of the board members at the college where he works. During one of their conversations, it came up that he and his wife produce their own honey at their farm. Jeff mentioned that I am a freak about local honey. Months passed and then one day near Christmas, he received a call that there was a gift for him waiting at the front gate. The wife of the board member brought us some honey for Christmas. Absolutely made our day. (This is truly THE best honey I have ever had!)

So as a thank you to them, sometime in January, I made these and took them by his office. He told Jeff that he'd truly married up! They loved them and were touched by the thought.

Ideas came from these places: http://www.klickitatstreet.com/2012/05/bees-on-flower-cookies.html

Bee Cookies, Thank You Cookies, Thanks a Buzzillion Cookies

Snowflakes, Bees, Flowers