Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gender Reveal Cookies

These were so cute, but it was cloudy and rainy the when I was trying to get pics, so all of the pics were horrible! So I did this visually deceptive collage to make up for it. The theme was "Beau or Bow?" using mustaches and bows. I totally stink at drawing mustaches, btw. And I am still scared of piping lettering on small cookies, thus the writing you see on these is done with a food color marker.

Gender Reveal Cookies, Beau or Bow Cookies

Pumpkin Patch Cookies, Tractor Cookies and Frozen Cookies

Had two separate birthday parties going on this weekend, so I did 4 dozen cookies for the two parties. One was a pumpkin patch party and the other was Frozen themed.

Tractor Cookies, Pumpkin Cookies, Frozen Cookies, Snowflake Cookies

I was a bit scared of the Olaf cookies because I had no frame of reference for them. I looked at various pictures and immediately thought of my carrot cookie cutter. I printed one of the images of him, cut it out and laid it on the carrot and it was perfect! I did trim the leafy portion of the carrot. Then I just did the "wing it" thing and did his face freehand while looking at a pic of him online. Could they have been better? Absolutely, but I am still okay with them.

Taco Cookies

Did these for a friend's son's birthday.

Taco Cookies

Taco Cookies
Used a carrot cutter for those peppers and was too lazy to thin the red icing for them, so you'll notice their icky texture. Not nuts about the margaritas.

Pink Ribbon Cookies

A friend's workplace had a pink ribbon bake sale. The company manufactures sewing machines, so I did stitching around the edges of the pink ribbons, and did some buttons and sewing machines as well.

Pink Ribbon Cookies, Sewing Machine Cookies

Roll Tide and DZ Cookies

Haven't posted in a while, so I am going to do several back-to-back posts to catch up. Here are some Roll Tide Cookies and Big Al Cookies I did for the opening game this year. I also did some of the Big Al ones for my niece's birthday and some for a friend's mom. I did another set for a friend's niece who just pledged Delta Zeta in her first year at UA.

Big Al Cookies

Alabama Cookies

Big Al Cookies

Delta Zeta Cookies, University of Alabama Cookies