Friday, May 22, 2015

Birthday Cookies

These are a couple of sets of birthday cookies I did for a friend and for a friend's daughter. For the candle, I used a cutter like this one and just cut off the bottom section. Works well, but I really want to get a chubby candle cutter a long these lines or like this, but until then, this works fine. I also did some birthday cupcakes for Kelly, which were just plain yellow cake with vanilla buttercream icing.

The writing on both of these is horrible! Even though I'd received my AWESOME PME Supatube 1.5 writing tip by then, I'd been too lazy to mix a separate batch of piping consistency icing and didn't thicken these enough to keep the letters from running together. Other than that, I was good with them. 

The turquoise color for Hallie's cookies was made using a suggestion from Jill of Funky Cookie Studio. Everything I'd tried kept coming out too green and then one day I saw something she posted and inquired how she achieved the shade. She used electric blue and a smidge of avocado green. I was thinking I followed her suggestion to get my color, but when I looked it up just now, I am certain that I do not own electric blue, so I may have used royal blue and avocado green, which is why mine isn't quite as bright as hers were - makes sense now. Pay attention, Beth! haha!

Birthday Cookie Platter

I did Kelly's a few weeks before doing these for Hallie's and decided to do the candles differently  and love the results.

Birthday Cookie Set

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