Monday, February 1, 2016

Peanuts Cookies for a Birthday Party - Good Grief!!

My friend Amy asked me if I could do Peanuts themed cookies for her grandson's first birthday and I, of course, said yes. I knew I had the Snoopy cutters that Michael's sold a couple of years ago, but couldn't recall if I'd grabbed the Charlie Brown and Lucy ones then, too. Turned out I had not. So, I  found some images that I had planned to use as my guide. I literally cut out the images and was prepared to trace the forms onto each cookie. THEN, I ran across this Haniela's tutorial video and knew exactly how I would do these. What a time saver and wow at how they came out! Sorry for my crappy photos!

Peanuts Cookies, Snoopy Cookies, Charlie Brown Cookies

Snoopy Cookies, Peanuts Cookies, Charlie Brown Cookies

Woodstock and Snoopy Cookies, Charlie Brown Cookies, Peanuts Cookies

Peanuts Cookies, Snoopy Cookies, Charlie Brown Cookies

Charlie Brown Cookies, Peanuts Cookies, Woodstock Cookies

Snoopy Cookies, Peanuts Cookies

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