Saturday, March 9, 2013

Flower Power

So when I saw that LilaLoa was sponsoring a give-away challenge, I knew I wanted to enter - especially because the winner is chosen at random, so skill and expertise play no part in the selection of a winner and therefore a newbie like me might actually have a chance!  Also, I wanted to try something else that I'd not yet done.  How I didn't realize that there was a flower cutter among the ones my grandmother gave me recently, I don't know, but when I ran across it this week, I was so excited to find it.  

The challenge is to mix up your cookie pics - to do something different and not get stuck in a rut of how you photograph your cookies.  Granted, this is only the fourth post I've done, but I did find myself falling into the rut of arranging them on a plate and taking an overhead shot.  So, this morning's "photo shoot" (Work it, Cookie!) consisted of about a gazillion pics from a bazillion different angles.  As a background I used a piece of tissue paper left over from my mom's retirement party (the beginning of this cookie obsession) that a couple of my cookies made me think of (you'll see what I mean with that cookie camouflaged amid the polka dotted paper).  After viewing the pics, I found that I really liked the close-ups, which is surprising because overall, I wasn't thrilled with these cookies, but I'll get to that later, although maybe not today since my house really needs cleaning, but then again, that could be the perfect excuse to go ahead and detail my experience and what I learned during this 4th batch of cookies.  So here ya go, my pics for the challenge:

And here are some individual shots rather than just the collage version:  


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