Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Beginning of My Cookie Obsession

My mom was retiring at the end of January and I decided that I HAD to make goat cookies for the party I was giving her for this momentous occasion.  No, I wasn't calling her an old goat - she actually raises goats and has for years. In fact, every spring when the baby goats are being born we have an ongoing joke that should any hold out long enough to be born during the week of my birthday in late April, that she will name the goat after me.  So far in all of these years, I've yet to have one named after me, but I'm still holding out hope.

These were the first decorated cookies I had ever considered doing, so I scoured everything online that I could find to learn how to do this.  I settled upon using a glaze recipe I found on and bought a goat cookie cutter through a seller on Etsy. 

Because I was terrified about making the spots on the goats, I conned a friend into helping me with them and she agreed to do the spots and hooves for me, which was a really good thing since it made me be on a time schedule and have the cookies made with their base coat of the glaze on them in advance to be able to get them to her to do the spots.

 Here's how they turned out:

At the time, I was so very proud of them, but in my two subsequent batches of making decorated cookies since then, I have learned so much and now think these little guys look a little sad.  I am considering remaking them to compare.

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