Friday, May 2, 2014

House Cookies and Car Cookies

So it looks like grand opening celebrations are my thing! Since this one makes three. After sampling some of my cookies last week at Cheyenne's grand opening at The Wildflower Boutique, my friend Amy sent me a message saying she knew it was last minute but wondered if I could do some cookies for the grand opening for her little brother's business on Tuesday, April 29th. I told her I could likely do some, but asked what she might want. This was a really hard one to come up with an idea for because his business is an insurance agency. After doing a couple of Google Image searches, I came up with the idea of doing houses and cars. I had a small house cutter and a church cutter that I used and cut the steeple off of. I had the plastic Wilton car that comes in the 101 cutter pack, but didn't love it, so I ran to Sur la Table and got their small version of a VW bug. So I had four varieties and used a variation of about 5-6 colors - red, yellow, white, gray, blue and black. I did the details on the houses very quickly with a black food color marker. I have decided that my next cookie investment, yes, I know I am using that term loosely since it is only about $20.00, but nothing in my cookie arsenal is really over $5-7 dollars, so in that sense, $20.00 is an investment - but as I was saying, my next cookie investment is going to be a pack of assorted colors of food color markers. 

This is the only picture I have of them right now, as I am on a Facebook hiatus, so I haven't been able to pull them from Amy's page. I needed a break and had a ton going on this week (100 cupcakes tomorrow for a Kentucky Derby party- 50 mint julep and 50 rose topped chocolate), so I knew I would need to deactivate my account this week to keep myself from becoming distracted. Not really missing it, except for Lila Loa's "Cookies are My Kryptonite" List, where there are tons of gorgeous cookies done by people all over the world. Anyhow, here are the house and car cookies in the one pic I have for now. Will add more later.

Car Cookies and House Cookies

Here are a couple of more pictures. There's an old story with my face on a stick here with the person for whom I did these cookies, which is why B-on-a-Stick is in these pics.

Car Cookie with B-on-a-Stick#12

House Cookies and Car Cookies with B-on-a-Stick#12

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