Friday, April 25, 2014

Flowers from Colored Dough

A friend was having her grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony and wanted some cookies for the event. The place is called The Wildflower Boutique so they wanted some flowers. We'd talked about various things and she decided that she'd like colored dough with icing outlines. I checked out their logo and picked the colors from that. I wasn't thrilled with them, but she loved them, so I guess that's what matters! I used lots of centers I'd made over time with various leftover Royal Icing, which really speeds up the process since they are pre-made and completely dry already.  Here are the pics of the finished product and the process.

The Wildflower Boutique, Wildflower colored dough cookies

The Wildflower Boutique, My hands after mixing the purple into the cookie dough
The Wildflower Boutique, Finished cookies in their wrapping
The Wildflower Boutique, Colored Cookie Dough

The Wildflower Boutique, Owners Paige Trussell and Cheyenne Pye

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