Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tie Dye, Teddy Bears, Birthdays and Anniversaries

I haven't really done a lot this month, but here are the few things I've done. My friends were having a 1st birthday party for their son/grandson. They call him Sawbear, so teddy bear cookies were a must. The grandmother made his party hat and I based my designs and color choices on that.

Teddy Bear Cookies, 1st Birthday Cookies, Party Hat Cookies

My long time friend, Anna, had her birthday on the 11th of this month, but was at Disney, so I waited a week later and took her these to surprise her for her special day. She'd said she wanted peace signs, moons and suns, but I knew much better what I wanted to do for her. Turns out I was right. They were beyond anything she'd even thought about and she loved them.

Tie-dye cookies, Groovy Cookies

I also did a few #3's for my great nephew's 3rd birthday party as cookie favors for his party guests. Truly, the date slipped up on me and I threw this together at the last minute. I'd really wanted to do some much more special for the big day. :(

3rd Birthday Cookie Favors

Then I did some birthday and anniversary cookies at the request of my friend Amy. Her husband's birthday falls on the same day as their anniversary. She said that he always asks her favorite thing about his birthday and her answer is that she gets a gift, too! :) I had no idea what to do on the anniversary ones, so I stalked her facebook photos and found two shots from their wedding day. Her flowers were yellow calla lilies, so I opted to do the hearts in yellow, although the color they dried was a little more orange than I would have liked.

Anniversary Cookies, Champagne Cookies
Champagne cookies
Birthday cupcake cookies, Birthday Candle cookies
The birthday boy with his cupcake cookie and B-on-a-Stick, the baker!
Oh yeah, I'd done these last month for my friend Alison's mom's birthday. We loved how perfectly the ribbon and the cookies matched - the ribbon was bought completely separately from me doing the cookies. I also LOVE the giant cello bag covering the entire tray - that was Alison's idea - and I may have to use it more often!

Birthday cupcake cookies

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