Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cheerful Heart Cookies, Airplanes and Nautical Cookies

So my July has been pretty light in terms of cookies. I've just done a handful of sets. I did this first set that I call Cheerful Hearts for a friend just after a mastectomy but before her chemo started. She's been keeping a blog and often references Proverbs 17:22, which in one of the translations reads in part, "A cheerful heart is good medicine..." The second time I came upon that reference in reading her blog, I knew it had to be cookied! Granted these are very simple and I put did them pretty hurriedly to be able to get them in the mail, but I think they definitely fit the bill as being cheerful hearts. I do hope they were good medicine!

Cheerful Heart Cookies

I also did some colored softballs for a little girl's birthday party, but didn't get a pic of those.

Then I moved on to some nautical cookies for a baby shower. The colors were navy, khaki and white. I did anchors, lighthouses, life preservers and sailboats. Another friend's little boy was having his 7th birthday party that same weekend, so I did some airplanes for him in the same colors with the remaining icing.

Airplane Cookies, Nautical Cookies, Anchor Cookies

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