Saturday, December 26, 2015

Decorating Cookies with Kids

Holy cow!!! That's the only way I can truly describe decorating cookies with children. My perfectionism had to be left at the front door of my friend Beverly's house where I went to decorate cookies with her three grandchildren last weekend. I laid out about 8 various cookies on a work tray covered in wax paper for each child. There were two boys and one girl. I expected differences in the older two (boy/girl twins) and their younger cousin, but the biggest difference that never occurred to me was how differently the boys approached it than did little Maggie. Maggie was meticulous with her designs and execution (and sneaking mouthfuls of icing), but the boys, while interested in what they were doing, just jumped straight into each cookie as a whole made it up as they went along. The young Cam LOVED sprinkles... A LOT! We realized after his first time using them alone, that he needed to be supervised with any sprinkles! It really was a fun evening and I think we all had a good time making Christmas cookies.  Here are some pics from the evening.

Decorating Cookies With Kids

Decorating Cookies With Kids


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