Sunday, August 30, 2015

Starbucks Barista Cookies

I heart emoticon my local Starbucks! (In the new Sprouts shopping center area) The people who work there are awesome, Jamie, especially. He was so great to me week before last week as I was traveling so much, so as a thank you to him and his co-workers, I did a baker's dozen of these with the dough left over from another project. I did them hurriedly, but they still turned out pretty cute. I used the same cutter and basic concept of the mermaid cookies. They were a huge hit with them and every time I've come through the drive through since I dropped them off last Saturday, someone else has told me thank you and that they loved them. I think this is why I like cookies so much - I get all the enjoyment of them without having to consume a single calorie! I totally forgot to get a pic, so I asked Tuesday when I went through the drive through if anyone had taken one and I just got this one via text taken by Jamie. He put it on top of a SB bag, which makes for a nice photo effect, although I did not do the exact logo on the apron, both for copyright reasons and because I am just not that talented to do so in such a tiny space! ha!

Starbucks Barista Cookie

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