Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fun Cookies - PacMan Cookies and B-on-a-Stick, the cookie

So I decided just to have some fun with the cookies I wanted to send to a couple of friends.  Since first seeing several online, I have wanted to do Pac-Man cookies.  I happened upon a mini tulip cutter about a month ago at Hobby Lobby for 50¢ and immediately grabbed it up, knowing it would come in handy when I decided to do them.  Then it hit me that my lifelong friend April's birthday was coming up and I cannot tell you the number of hours the two of us spent playing that game as kids, so it was perfect.  And not to mention that one Christmas when I talked her into opening her Christmas presents one afternoon before her parents got home from work.  She had the coolest Pac-Man phone among those gifts.  I guess we didn't do such a great job rewrapping them, because her mom knew immediately.  So as her punishment, when Christmas came, her older sister got the phone, not her. :(  

Still didn't have a circle cutter (got one yesterday) when I was working on these, so I started rifling through the cabinet to see what wonderful round shapes I could find.  I wasn't thrilled with the size of my drinking glasses for the circle, so I opted for the lid to a travel coffee cup.  It worked great.  I then used one of my heart cutters to cut out the Packy's mouth.  I used the end of a decorating tip for all of the little game pellets and for the power pellets, I used the cap of 20 oz. Coke Zero bottle.  Of course, the ghosts were made using the mini tulip cutter.  Here they are baked but undecorated:

I have the hardest time with yellow RI.  When I use just electric yellow, it always seems to separate very easily and seems a little thin.  Then if  I use egg yellow, it looks like American Cheese.  So I opted to mix the two.  Still the consistency just didn't seem quite right.  I don't know what my issue with yellow is.  Any ideas?  Anyhow, it all came out okay.  I just made big piped dots on the 50 pellets and on two of the big ones, after realizing that was much easier than outlining and piping each circle.  Oooo, just thought that perhaps my issue with the RI this time might not have been just the fact that I was using yellow.  I only had 1/2 of a bag of powdered sugar, so I cut the small recipe from SugarBelle in half and it just didn't seem quite right in the mixer, so I just added meringue powder and water until it looked right to me as it was mixing.  Maybe that was my issue this time.  Who knows.  Anyway, sorry for my digression.  So back to making the big piped dots on the pellets.  Even though I sort of stirred each one with a toothpick after finishing, 95% of them ended up with a little hole in the top once they were dry.  Tell me how to fix this in the future, please!

For the ghosts, I took a lazy shortcut for the light colored one and the orange one, because I didn't have anything else I would need either of those colors for, so I just dipped them.  Actually I dipped the red one, too, but I already had that mixed and was just to lazy to put it in a bag or bottle for just that one little ghost.  The light colored one and the orange one looked funny along the edges, so  I decided to outline them in black.  Yeah, once again I was lazy and used black icing that was too thin for outlining, so I am not sure that those two ended up looking any better than they did with the dipped edges.  Gee, the way I am talking you'd think they turned out horribly, but really they looked quite cute as a set and my friend was THRILLED with them. I was in a bit of a hurry the morning I took the pic, so I didn't lay out all of the little pellets for the pic, but this will give you the gist of how they looked.

Pinky is the only ghost that I piped, but if you look above, Blinky (the red one) looks pretty much the same as Pinky does.  See how ick the black outline looks above on Inky and Clyde?  Maybe I should have let the magic of overnight drying see if it could fix the edges before piping the black onto them.  (Oh wait, I piped the blue ghosts too.  OOPS, I forgot.)

Yeah, I know the title of this post says Pac-Man and B-on-a-Stick, the cookie, but it is late and I am tired, so I'll get to the B-on-a-Stick, the cookie, part of this post later.  Night.

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