Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coffee Anyone?

Decided I wanted to try some cute coffee cup cookies that I've seen done by others.  Had some leftover icing and decided to try it out.  Of course, I didn't have a cutter for it, so I had seen online where someone used parts of the Wilton birthday cutter set of the cupcake and cake cutters.  I tried that option, but couldn't quite get the upside down cake to come out like I liked it for the body of the cup.  So I just used the top of the cupcake, but trimmed the pointy level of the top off and hand cut the body.  That's why none of these look exactly the same.

I also sort of hurriedly did the icing on these free hand, so I was sort of askew on the ring portion of the cup bands, but was overall pretty happy with how they came out.  Took them to work with me today and received rave reviews both on the look of the cups and how yummy those chocolate roll out cookies from Lila Loa are!  After eating one myself, which I do not often do, I decided that the next time I do these, I might branch out a little and try some coffee extract in the icing, which would be cool because of the cookie design itself and a wonderful complement to the chocolate cookie.

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