Sunday, August 30, 2015

Conservative Lingerie Cookies

A friend had asked me about doing some racy cookies for a lingerie shower, but I flat out told her no, that wasn't anything I wanted in my portfolio of work. I'm kind of a prude, I guess. So she then gave me creative freedom to come up with what I wanted to do. I so was not feeling these at all. I thought and thought and thought over them and just never felt good about them. So the night before they were due, I begrudgingly began them. I am just not a fan of the whole over the top T&A look of so many of the similar ones done using the heart cutters, so I think maybe the way I cut these lessened that effect. I used the lower section of a large onesie cutter for the underwear, which are more sort of granny panties. I still hated them and kept thinking, "Who wants to eat underwear?!?! Gross!" But they were happy with them and from what I understand, these ended up being the most conservative thing at the party.

(Side note: I have never attended a lingerie shower because when I was just out of high school, my best friend told me a horror story of one she'd attended for girl who attended high school with us. After she opened everything, she then MODELED every single item for the party goers. That idea has always stuck with me and I promptly decline all invitations to lingerie showers for that precise reason, although I am sure that isn't common practice, just knowing that it happened at least once has completely scared me away from ever attending one!! So, I am sure that may be partly where my distaste for doing these cookies came from as well.)

Conservative Lingerie Cookies

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