Sunday, August 30, 2015

Under the Sea and Mermaid Cookies

I'd been in a bit of a cookie lull and even, GASP, considered selling my enormous cutter collection. Then I had a friend contact me a couple of days before the birthday party of a child who is a huge part of her life, who said that she'd been trying all week to make some cookies and they were a miserable failure in all regards. I tried to help her with tips and suggestions, but could feel her frustration, so even though I was in the middle of a major hospitalization of my grandmother and making daily travel of 3 hours to sit with her, I volunteered to help her out. They were the PERFECT stress relief project for me and set me back on my cookie love trail. I totally used this tutorial from Sweet Sugarbelle because I didn't have the time to be creative on my own! I am in love with these and they could be some of my favorites ever.

Under the Sea Cookies, Mermaid Cookies

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