Tuesday, March 10, 2015

University of Montevallo College Night Cookies for Team Gold and Team Purple

I have several friends who graduated from the University of Montevallo. One was her graduating class president, so she is very active in alumni events. Each year the college has a tradition during what I believe is homecoming weekend called college night where everyone chooses a side - purple or gold. As I understand it, it is usually the preppy, frat and sorority sorts who choose gold and the artsy independent sorts who choose purple. Stephanie asked if I could do some cookies to represent each side. She choose the gold mascot of a lion and the thumbs up sign for the golds and purple cows and a peace sign hand for the purples. The cows really sort of look a lot more like purple hippos to me, but she was happy with them, so we'll just go with that. I used a Wilton skull cutter turned upside down for the cows. Actually had a lion cutter. Used a bunny for the peace sign hands (thanks to Sugarbelle for the idea). I kept thinking that a turkey cutter, trimmed a bit, would work for the thumbs up, but when the time came, it totally didn't work. I ended up using a shell cutter and trimming out one of the grooves in it and part of the height to make it work. They still weren't great, but you could tell what they were.
University of Montevallo College Night Team Gold Cookies

University of Montevallo College Night Team Purple Cookies   
I believe Gold won this year.

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