Monday, March 9, 2015

Bee Cookies - Thanks a Buzzillion

So it has been a while since I posted here because I sort of let it get away from me and when I would think about it, it would seem like far too much trouble to get caught up. So I am going to make a series of quick posts tonight without a lot of explanation uh, rambling, about each set. Or at least that is the plan. We shall see how that goes. I apologize in advance if I omit words or mess up on punctuation, as I am on the back side of migraine aura and my head is never quite right for a day or so.

My husband is friendly with one of the board members at the college where he works. During one of their conversations, it came up that he and his wife produce their own honey at their farm. Jeff mentioned that I am a freak about local honey. Months passed and then one day near Christmas, he received a call that there was a gift for him waiting at the front gate. The wife of the board member brought us some honey for Christmas. Absolutely made our day. (This is truly THE best honey I have ever had!)

So as a thank you to them, sometime in January, I made these and took them by his office. He told Jeff that he'd truly married up! They loved them and were touched by the thought.

Ideas came from these places: 

Bee Cookies, Thank You Cookies, Thanks a Buzzillion Cookies

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