Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pirate Cookies

My adorable little nephew wanted a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party for his 4th birthday, so I volunteered to do some pirate themed cookies. I didn't want to try to do character cookies because without a KopyKake, I find recreating specific characters very difficult, so I thought coordinating cookies would be perfect. I knew I wanted a treasure chest as the centerpiece, so I went to Michael's and found this little unfinished one for $9.99 and used my 50% off coupon. I heavily diluted some brown craft paint and did a color wash on it. One application was plenty. Then I printed the skull image on my black and white laser printer and attached it with a homemade version of modge podge, which was watered down Elmer's glue. Worked perfectly and gave the set that little extra something I had in mind.

Pirate Cookies

My thank you video for the cookies. How Adorable!

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