Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trains and Teddy Bear Cookies

Did these trains and teddy bears for the child/grandchild of some long time friends. I decided to try my first go at a 3D/stand-up cookie with one of the trains. Just made a couple of long rectangles to bridge them together and attached them inside with really stiff royal icing. I LOVE that they ended up using it on the cake! I recently bought the Betty Crocker 101 set of cutters because there were a couple in there that I wanted, so of course, I just got all 101! ha! Anyway, I used the train cutter from that set instead of the only other one I had which was from the Wilton 101 set, because I liked the design of this one better.

Train Cookies, Teddy Bear Cookies

Train Cookies, Teddy Bear Cookies

Train and Teddy Bear Cookies

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