Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tool Cookies

Did these for a tool and gadget shower for one of my husband's cousins that was this past Saturday. Of course, this is the photo op version, because there were almost 90 of these bad boys overall! I also did the letter W on the little wooden toolbox. I'd debated whether to make the toolbox out of cookies as well, but decided against it because of all of the icing and drying time it would require. Found this little unfinished toolbox at Michael's for less than $5.00, so I grabbed it up, along with some white craft paint. After that dried, I did a very watered down coat of brown craft paint over it and immediately wiped it off.

I really like the details on this version of the tool cookies I did, as opposed to the first set I did a few months ago. I think it makes all of the difference in the world. Differences? Pliers are muli-leveled and have a screw on them. I love that little screw and the notch on it. The hammer, wrench and screwdriver also have multiple layers, which makes them much more realistic. And I added silver metallic luster dust (mixed with a few drops of vodka) for a metal finish on everything that required it, except the saws. I really need to invest in some better brushes for that purpose.

Tool Cookies

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