Sunday, June 7, 2015

Swirl Rose Cookies using Royal Icing.

Sometimes things work out just as they were in my head. I am in love with these rose cookies. And my, oh my, they were so super simple.

I was asked by a friend's mom to do angels and roses for a luncheon she was giving for a wives group at a VFW gathering during D-Day weekend. The luncheon was to honor the outgoing president of their group, who had used the symbols of angels and roses during her term. Her daughter did lovely stemmed beverage glasses with a rose embossed on the base of each. I had done some roses before, but didn't really like them, so I wanted a different idea. I noticed when I did a google image search that a few people had done simple swirl roses using a 1M tip. I'd always assumed they were buttercream cookies and couldn't be done with royal icing, because I've done tons of buttercream swirl roses on cupcakes and swirl rose cakes. Upon further investigation, I discovered that I could do them with very stiff royal icing. My decision was made - that was what I would be doing for the roses! I used a round cutter and added a couple of small leaves to it. These things were so easy and so quick AND they look amazing. When I say quick, I mean super, super quick! I did about 2dz. each of the angels and roses. The angels took me just a little over an hour to complete. The roses were done within 10 minutes. The biggest delay was refilling my icing bag, because they do use quite a bit of icing, but they are so totally worth it.

Rose and Angel Cookies

Swirl Rose Cookie

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